Arjuna's Arrow

The East-Indian epic Mahabharata chronicles the life of an archer named Arjuna.

Arjuna was said to possess a focus so precise that an arrow of his could pierce the universe itself. Once, Arjuna knelt by a pool of water and by looking into it's reflection was able to shoot an arrow through the very eye of his target high above.  

Admirers of this story may mistake Arjuna’s legendary focus as being bound to the material qualities of arrow and target. However, Arjuna's entire story reveals his focus towards family, teachers, countrymen, nature and even adversaries. Arjuna's focus is to understand and share a reality with others. In this way empathy becomes the arrow, and the mind where unity resides, the target.  

Arjun’s Arrow is aimed at the mind. We share our symbol with Arjuna's story. Our story cannot be complete without an understanding of yours.