Annual Malcolm X Day Celebrations Coming to Boston

Citizens from across the nation gather in New York for the annual celebrations of late revolutionary leader Malcolm X. City of Boston recognizes Malcolm's Legacy and annual commemoration. 

This May 19th, U.S. and Global Citizens began celebrations at the burial site of Malcolm X at the Ferncliff Cemetery in New York. Rituals at the gravesite featured in the above video include:

The Empty Chair -  An African tradition in which a chair is left empty in honor of a leader who has passed. 

Black Nationals Flag Recognition- A result of the of the Garvey movement that both Malcolm's Parents lead, Red represents the blood of the people lost, Black the people, the core and the strength and Green the fertile land. 

Elder Speakers- Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Nana Kwaku-Duah Asante Ghana, recognized as a divisional chief in the Asante Kingdom of Ghana. Professor James Small, professor of Africana Studies and one of the original founders of the celebration. 

The City of Boston has officially recognized Malcolm's Legacy. The document below encourages protocol commemoration of Malcolm X to begin May 19th 2018.